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Increase Likes On Your FaceBook By New FaceBook AutoLiker 100% Real Likes

A new 100% free Facebook status, photos, videos, feeds AutoLiker that will increase likes on your FaceBook without entering and using your access token and can be use at unlimited objects. Yes, You listen right. It doesn't requirec any login or access detailes like your token that can be harffull to you and be healthy for the hacker. Now it's time to get directly likes on you status, photos, videos, feeds without any extra steps and work.

The last question is that "How To Get Facebook Likes On Facebook Status, Facebook Photo, Free Feed in just a minute free of cost through free online service." That is also nice and here we have one more for you.

Increase Likes On Your FaceBook By New FaceBook AutoLiker 100% Real Likes

So here we have a new autoliker that is easy to use and quick to load and is designed to run on any platform through it's responsive design and cross browser support but we they recommend Chrome because it's know as world best browser. Now without any more preface, here we go straight to the features list and have a look on then then check out the tutorial below that is step by step with screenshot also.


1.) Likes On Unlimited Status Without Any Timedelay.
2.) No Access Token Needed.
3.) You Will Not Like Any Other Status Or Anything.
4.) 100% Free Of Scam.
5.) Will Not Post Anything From Your Account.
6.) Responsive Template For Every Platform.
7.) Quick To Load And Easy To Use.
8.) Simple And Stylish Template.
9.) Hosted On World Best Server, Blogger...
10.) Your Access Token Will Be Secure.

Full Step By Step Tutorial:

1.) First Of All Make A Status/Photos/Videos/Feeds There Setting Visible To Public (Described In FAQs And For Confirmation, Have A Look On Your Status/Photos/Videos/Feeds Header And If You Get A World Icon, It's Mean That Your Status Is Public As In The Below ScreenShoot).
2.) Then First Allow Subscriber/Followers For Your Profile And Make The Perfect Setting  (Described In FAQs).
3.) Now Get Your Desired Facebook Status/Photos/Videos/Feeds ID Codes From Your Timeline Or Page Timeline By Clicking (Right Click And Open In New Tab) On Time And Day, Anything In Gray Colour Just Below Your Name As In The Blue Boxes Of The Below Screen Shoot.

4.) Now After Clicking On The Upper Described Link, You Will Be Redirected To A Page Where You Will See Some URL In Address Bar As Below...
right click on date than click on open link in new tab

5.) Now Just Copy The Red Numbers As Mentioned In The Above URLs. (Still Not Able To Get ID Code, Then See The New Tutorial In FAQs)
6.) Then go Here!
7.) Enter Your Copied Code In The Input Field And Click "Get Likes On It" As Shown In The Below Pic.
Enter your Post ID

8.) Now You Have To Wait About A Min Or Above And You Will See A Loading Icon. Please Wait.
Work in Progress :)

9.) Now After One Min You Will Experienced A "Success".
10.) Check Out Your Likes Count, Don't Worry If You Have Low Because It Will Remain Increasing About 15-30 Min. Check Again Later.
11.) Now If You Want Likes On Other ID, Just Click The Button Says" Get Likes On Other ID" And Then Again "Get Likes On It" Button Appear And You Have Full Rights To Get Likes Again Without Any Time Delay.

12.) Increase Your Likes And Enjoy. For Rest Of Question, Just Read Out FAQs.

Some General FAQs:

Q1) Where To Add My "AccessToken" Code?
Ans) It's Not Like Others Who Need Your Access Token Before Giving You Likes So It Does Not Requires Your Access Token.

Q2)  Can I Get Likes On My Facebook FanPages Or FaceBook Groups Status, Photos, Videos, Feeds?
Ans) No, This Program Is Only For Your Profile And FanPage Status, Videos, Feeds And Photos.

Q3) What Is The "Your Status,Comment,Photo,Feed ID Code" Term?
Ans) Your Status,Comment,Photo,Feed ID Code Means That There FaceBook ID Codes.

Q4) How To Make My Status "Public"?Ans) When Your Are Posting Any Status Or Photo, Just Hold A Second And Open The Light "Gray Button" Just At The Left Site Of "Post" Button And Scroll Down To "Public"And Select It, Then Click On "Post" To Published Your Status.

Q5) How To Get ID  Status,Comment,Photo,Feed ID Code?
Ans) The Answer Is Given Above. But If You Are Not Able To Do It, Then First Like Your Status,Comment,Photo,Feed Yourself. Next Take Your Cursor Over The Words Saying "1 people like this", "2 others" Or Something Else. There You Have To Click Right Mouse Button On That Blue Text And Copy The URL From There. It Will Be Like: https://www.facebook.com/browse/likes?id=128379280698402. Now Just Copy The Red Numbers There. It's Your Desired ID Code.

Q6) What About This?
Please Wait, It Will Take About A Minute...!!!
Ans) It Mean That You Are Getting Likes, Please Wait.

Q7) How To Allow Subscriber/Followers To Your Own Facebook Profile?
Ans) Go To This Link And Click To "Allow Subscriber".

Q8) How To Set Up My Public Profile To Subscribers?
Ans) Go To This Link And Change Your Setting.

Q9) What I Am Not Getting Likes?
Ans) You Are Not Using Our Tutorial Perfectly Or Servers Is Downed, Please Try Again..

Q10) How To LogOut From This Site?
Ans) There Is No "LogOut" Button Here Because It's Not Using Any Personal Thing, It's Just Providing Likes On Public Status.

Q11) Site Is Not Opening?
Ans) There Is A Server Maintaince Time, Please Wait Few Minute And Try Again Later.

Q12) Can I Use It On Mobile?
Ans) This Feed/Status Is Either Not Public Or Did Not Get By Program Properly, Please Clear Your Browsers Cookies And Clear Your Browsers Cache Then Try Again.

Q13) What Is The Idea Behind This?
Ans) We Does Not Provide Fake Likes, We Just Just Provide Your ID To 100's Of Site And They Will Provide You Likes.

Q14) From Where The Likes Comes?
Ans) They Will Exchange Likes With There Other Liker Users. If You Add Anything (Status, Photo, Feed) You Will Be Liked By Our Other Users And When They Submit Anything, Then They Will Not Get Likes From You.

Q15) I Have An Other Problem?
Ans) Send A Msg On FaceBook Profile Of Rohit Mewada
Subscribe Rohit